About Cyenne Audio

Do you want unbelievable sound quality but don’t want to pay the price of a new car? This is what Cyenne Audio is about. As high-end audio is getting more and more expensive, we are working hard to bring things back to earth.

Started in 2012 in Taipei, Taiwan by a Dutch expat with the goal to create high quality and exiting audio products. For most mass market audio equipment, it's more about fashion. Sound quality is not an important consideration. Many high-end products offer good sound but are very expensive. People start to rediscover the excitement and emotional impact of hearing music as it was intended by the original artist. How to get the right equipment?

By combining traditional HiFi concepts and the newest component and software technologies, we are able to create high performance equipment at still a relative affordable level. To do this, we needed to rethink traditional high-end audio. Among other things, this means using the most clean and simple design possible to do the job, removing what is not needed for great sound quality and focus the budget to get the best components possible.

Our European designers are using design principles first described by famous British audio designers. They are produced by our manufacturing partners in Taiwan under our strict quality control guidelines. High speed Internet makes it possible for our design teams to work together from all over the world without the need for travel and sharing office space.