- Only the best DAC and digital filter chips. We choose from the best DAC and filter chips in the world to build our DAC’s.

- Jitter elimination.  Jitter (=noise in the timing of the signal) was for many years a serious problem in digital audio giving an unnatural and harsh sound. Nowadays, modern components and careful design completely eliminates this problem.

- Less-sounds-better. If there are less components in the audio signal path, there is less chance for degradation of the sound. Less components also means the remaining components can be of higher quality within the budget, further supporting great sound.

- Bigger is better for analogue. For the analogue parts, we use traditional components or big (1206) Surface Mount Devices (SMD). Bigger components have dramatically less noise and distortion. For high-speed digital, small SMD components are usually better suited.

- Keeping active components in their optimum range. The most effective way to process analogue signals inside a DAC is using op-amps. In order to get the best sound, our designs are limiting the number of op-amps in the signal path. The op-amps we use  are the best in the world and are kept in class-A operation to avoid any sound degradation.

- Distributed power sources. The power supplied to the various parts of a DAC has a large influence in the sound. Ideally, every stage should have its own power supply. Eight or more regulators are used to reach that goal. Many hours of testing and listening where spend on selecting the best sounding combination.

CY-3100 mainboard close-up


- For USB we use ‘floating earth’ technology which means noise signals from your computer are shielded from the sensitive analogue parts of our DAC’s and the USB connection is free from ground loops.

- Fun to use! Apart from great sound quality, the DAC’s are fun to use. This is done by offering both fully automatic operation for people that don’t have time to read manuals and advanced settings for those who want to tweak the sound with the included remote control.

HEADPHONE Amplifiers

Listening to music should be pure emotion!

The best headphones can offer the same or better sound quality as traditional loudspeakers, often for a lower price and without struggling with room acoustics. However, the finest headphones only give their best when used in combination with a high-quality headphone amplifier like the Contralto.

Adding the Contralto in the signal chain give an immediate and obvious improvement in sound quality compared to just plugging the headphones into a source device. Sound will come to life and highly dynamic music will sound effortless and powerful.

Experience the original sound!

Our headphone amplifiers are using these technologies to get the most involving sound possible:

- Zero-offset design. Headphones are less robust compared to loudspeakers. The delicate membrane is more sensitive to DC-offset voltages an amplifier might produce. Without special design, the offset can easily exceed 10mV, creating distortion in the headphones. In the Contralto series, the Zero-Offset circuits make sure any DC-offset is below 1mV and in case of defect it will switch off immediately to protect your expensive headphones.

- Class-A MOSFET output stage. MOSFET’s are much faster tha traditional transistors, greatly reducing timing distortion. MOSFET’s are robust so we don't need invasive overload protection. They work in class-A to keep the smooth natural balance of your music.

- High peak current capability. The Contralto has a very low output impedance so the headphones are well controlled and coloration of the sound due to variations in the headphone's impedance is eliminated. Moreover there is so much power reserve, some people in our office use the Contralto to drive small loudspeakers (not recommended, but the sound is nice). Even for very difficult to drive headphones, there will be always enough power. 

- Advanced protection circuit. Despite the enormous power, the Contralto is fully protected against turn-on or turn-off plop, excessive DC-offset and short circuit. Peace of mind for your expensive headphones.


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