The best DAC is getting even better!

We proudly introduce the CY5100 MK-II DAC!

Based on the feedback from many customers, dealers, high-end audio enthusiasts and our own extensive tests, we've made our flagship DAC even better!

  1. Balanced XLR and unbalanced cinch audio outputs. Cleaner sound, especially with longer cables
  2. Headphone management: now the volume level of headphones can be independently set from the line-out level. Also new is the sensitivity setting to perfectly match your headset to the CY-5100
  3. Automatic PLL bandwidth optimization: reduces jitter by 70% compared to the previous CY-5100 for difficult sources for improved stereo imaging
  4. Match your style! Now available in black with champagne colored knobs, black with black knobs and champagne colored

The new CY-5100 will ship to our dealers by end of November 2014.

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