New! The Contralto headphone amp

New! The Contralto headphone amp
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After more than a year in development, Cyenne Audio proudly presents the Contralto headphone amplifier series.

There was never a better time to enjoy listing to headphones! New and very nice models are being introduced almost weekly. However, most of those headphones require a dedicated amplifier to give their best performance. Without such amp, most of the differences between good and great headphones disappears.

We made the Contralto to offer audiophile-like features such as Class-A MOSFET output and relay volume control for a non-audiophile price.

We listened to the first pre-production samples and the sound quality is amazing. Smooth like a tube amp but with better focus and total clarity.

The Contralto will be available from end of September trough our dealers.

More details coming soon!

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