Cyenne Audio updates CY-5100 and CY3100 for DSD-Anywhere

As more and more music lovers are playing DSD format files on their computers, we created exiting new products to meet this demand!

1) CY-5100dsd MK-III

Meet the MK-III. The familiar high quality DAC is now even better!

- Now support DSD-DoP for USB, so easier to use with your computer, MAC, Windows or Linux
- Support DSD over COAX SPDIF! Makes every media player a DSD player!
- Improved analogue stage for outstanding stereo imaging and warmth
- Analogue volume control option board with headphone boost for those who prefer not to use digital volume control.
- Fully tested with mini media players based on Rapsberry PI (like Moode Player)

2) New life for CY-3100

We design our products to last a long time to reduce waste and protect our environment. However, technology moves forward. To keep our promise of long lasting value, we offer a fresh update for CY-3100 owners to keep their DAC up to date:

a) USB 2.0 update

The USB interface of the CY-3100 supports maximal 96kHz/24bit audio. With the new 'SE' upgrade, the CY-3100 is up to date again and plays up to 192kHz/24b on USB. It's still plug & play: no trouble with driver discs etc., just plug in and everything happens automatically.

b) DSD playback on the CY-3100!

With this update, the CY-3100 plays native DSD files (DoP) over USB and also over SPDIF coax! The new DSP also has a more sophisticated clock generator, resulting in bigger soundstage and more transparent sound!

Want to know more? Contact your dealer or us now!

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